2003 World Team Trials: Day1 Morning Session, Men's Greco-Roman Preliminaries
Photos by Al
Indianapolis Convention Center, Indianapolis, IN

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03wt_day1am_gr0016 03wt_day1am_gr0017 03wt_day1am_gr0018
03wt_day1am_gr0019 03wt_day1am_gr0020 03wt_day1am_gr0021
03wt_day1am_gr0022 03wt_day1am_gr0023 03wt_day1am_gr0024
03wt_day1am_gr0025 03wt_day1am_gr0026 03wt_day1am_gr0027
03wt_day1am_gr0028 03wt_day1am_gr0029 03wt_day1am_gr0030
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